Why do I have to hire an event planner when I can plan and organize everything by myself? 

These are some of the services which the professional event planner will provide for a very reasonable events management fee. It is up to you to decide whether the time, energy, stress, research, brainstorming, planning, conducting and coordinating Event Makers will take care of on your behalf are worth it.

A professional event planner will help you

  • clarify your ideas and concepts and the best way to realize them
  • research and select supplies or vendors (e.g. catering, DJ, photographers, wine experts, etc. ) who will provide the best value for your money
  • save you on average 20-60 hours which you can use for leisure or spend with your family and friends
  • “the devil is in the details” runs very true for each event, regardless of its size or purpose. The event planner will make sure the right details are included and provided at the right time so you can focus on the enjoyment of the overall impact
  • keep the costs within the agreed upon budget so you don’t have a guilt trip after the event
  • take care of those unexpected challenges that happen even when everything is planned and rehearsed – because Murphy’s law works!
  • provide you with practical tips and know-how gained from experience in event planning and working with different clients and suppliers

What are the specific things the event manager does?


The event manager will spend time with you, listen to your plans and ideas and help you focus on what is most important to you. He/she will also

  • propose sites and venues
  • interview and selects your suppliers and providers of services (florists, decorators, caterer, photographer, musicians, DJ, etc.)
  • negotiate the best prices based on special corporate rates it has or good professional relationships with suppliers and providers
  • coordinate and timely delivery of all goods/services for the event
  • keep track of the guest list or number of attendees
  • take care of the guest registration
  • organize printing and send out invitations
  • collect RSVPs
  • send Thank You notes after the event
  • recommend gifts or party favors
  • draft the event-day itinerary
  • advice on etiquette and protocol
  • help selecting the table settings and menus
  • organizes the accommodation and transportation of out of town guests
  • solve all unexpected issues during the event
  • take care of the event-day and on-site coordination
  • take care of any other issues or changes that need to be resolved professionally and in due time


My service provider (caterer, venue, hotel, etc.) already provides onsite coordinator, why do I need another one? 

It is true that many hotels, caterers etc. service providers have on-site coordinators. However, these persons are experts and can only handle the service relating to their specific area (food, flowers, decoration, venue equipment, etc.) They are there only to check whether everything is set up and on time, and would not stay and be responsible for coordinating your whole event and assist you with on-site management and problem solving.

What EventMakers offers is a more complex professional service, detailed understanding of your ideas and overall vision on how the event should develop. We take care of the coordination of vendors, suppliers and services from day one through the event date. We make sure that everything is in place on time, every detail has been double checked so as to confirm that everything is perfect while you are enjoying your party with guests or socializing with corporate partners and clients.


How much would a party for 30 persons cost?


It is very difficult to make a quote before knowing more about the event you wish to host. The price of each event depends on the type of event, its purpose, location, time, decoration (flowers, balloons, special table design, etc.), catering menu and equipment, sound and light equipment, additional services required, etc. Therefore, our event planners will meet with you to discuss your ideas and visions, help you make up your mind and draw up the best proposal for your event.