Our professional event planners will work with you to plan and organize your event. We work with your idea and also propose different formats and approaches in order to ensure that the final selection will create the event you have envisioned.


We always start with an initial consultation where we discuss with you the purpose of event and your expectations. This consultation is free of charge. Based on it, we prepare a proposal with specific information about the services, timelines and estimated cost. We also include optional services which gives you an idea how the event may be upgraded, and the cost for it. The final scope and budget is selected and approved by the client.


As every event has unique purposes, needs and requirements, the event planning industry does not set standard prices for types of events. The cost usually depends on the event complexity, services ordered (such as food, drinks, personnel, etc.), the size and number of people involved, and the desired effect (casual, elegant or upscale).


In addition to the total price of all services and/or goods for the event (e.g. transportation, catering, DJ, flowers, etc.) we charge a flat event management fee based on the type of the event. Our event management fee charges are as follows:


Corporate Events:

12% of the total cost (but not less than BGN 150)

Parties and Personal Celebrations:

10% of the total cost (but not less than BGN 100)


% of the total cost or a fee agreed in advance


All offers and proposals are subject to negotiations and changes until the client approves the budget and format of the event.


EventMakers Ltd. offers special prices and discounts for our regular clients and long term counterparts.